10 Best Car Insurances In Australia 2024

Looking for the 10 best car insurance options in Australia? We’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the top car insurance providers in the country that offer great coverage and value for your money. 

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive coverage or just the basics, these insurance companies have something for everyone. Read on to find out more about the 10 best car insurance options in Australia.


Car Insurances In Australia 2024

NRMA Insurance

NRMA Insurance stands out in the Australian car insurance market for its broad spectrum of coverage options that cater to a diverse range of driver needs and preferences. Renowned for setting the standard in customer satisfaction, they provide not just competitive pricing but also a reassuring customer service experience. 


Their policies are designed to offer peace of mind, ensuring that drivers can find exactly the right kind of protection they need on the road, from comprehensive to third-party policies. This makes NRMA Insurance a go-to choice for those prioritizing both quality and value in their car insurance selection.


AAMI sets itself apart in the Australian car insurance landscape with its robust selection of policy options tailored to meet an array of driver requirements. Known for blending affordability with comprehensive benefits, AAMI stands as a beacon for those in search of extensive coverage without breaking the bank. 


Their offerings range from the essential third-party liability to full-scale comprehensive policies, ensuring that every motorist can navigate the roads with confidence. AAMI’s commitment to delivering value-packed insurance solutions makes it an appealing option for drivers who demand quality protection at a competitive price point.


Suncorp distinguishes itself by offering a personalized approach to car insurance, providing policies that meet the unique demands of Australian drivers. Their commitment to affordability, coupled with a reputation for excellent customer support, positions Suncorp as a preferred option among consumers. 

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The company’s product range encompasses everything from basic third-party to comprehensive coverage, ensuring that regardless of your driving habits or vehicle type, there’s a policy tailored to your situation. This focus on flexibility and customer satisfaction solidifies Suncorp’s status as a reliable partner for auto insurance needs.

Budget Direct

Budget Direct shines in the realm of car insurance for its exceptional balance of affordability and coverage depth. This provider caters to those who prioritize keeping their expenses in check while not compromising on the quality of protection for their vehicle. Offering a spectrum from the essentials of third-party liability to comprehensive peace of mind policies, Budget Direct appeals to a wide array of drivers. 

Their reputation for delivering cost-effective insurance solutions without skimping on the necessary safeguards has established them as a favored option for motorists looking to maximize value.


In the competitive landscape of Australian car insurance, Youi stands out for its custom-tailored policies that cater to individual driver needs. Emphasizing a personalized approach, Youi distinguishes itself by offering innovative solutions and pricing that adjust to specific driving habits and preferences. 

This focus on customization ensures that drivers only pay for the coverage they truly need, making Youi an attractive option for those seeking a more bespoke insurance experience. Their rapid ascent in the market is a testament to the appeal of their customer-centric model and their ability to deliver value through tailored insurance options.


RACQ distinguishes itself in the Australian auto insurance market through its commitment to providing options that cater to the varied demands of drivers. Recognized for its exceptional customer service and cost-effective policies, it stands as a compelling choice for individuals seeking reliable and affordable coverage. 

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Whether customers are in need of basic protection or a more comprehensive plan, RACQ delivers with a suite of policies designed to ensure drivers have the right level of coverage for their specific circumstances, making it a go-to insurer for those prioritizing both value and service excellence.


Allianz shines in the competitive field of Australian car insurance with its comprehensive array of policy choices that seamlessly blend with the diverse requirements of motorists. This global powerhouse is acclaimed for its ability to provide solid protection and peace of mind through its wide range of offerings, from third-party to fully comprehensive coverage. With a reputation for reliability and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Allianz car insurance policies stand as a beacon for drivers looking for dependable insurance from a well-respected industry leader.


QBE sets itself apart in the Australian market with its diverse offerings that cater to a wide range of driver needs. This insurer is acclaimed for melding competitive pricing with extensive coverage options, ensuring motorists have access to policies that align with their specific requirements. 

With a reputation for excellent customer service and reliability, QBE presents itself as a standout choice for those seeking robust car insurance solutions. Their product portfolio includes everything from the fundamental third-party coverage to more inclusive comprehensive plans, positioning QBE as a versatile option for drivers seeking thorough protection on the road.

Virgin Money

Virgin Money carves its niche in the Australian car insurance market with competitive pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Offering a variety of coverage options, from basic third-party to comprehensive plans, they cater to a broad audience. Their focus on affordability without compromising on service quality makes them a notable choice for drivers looking for reliable insurance solutions. 

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Virgin Money’s approachable and efficient customer service further enhances their appeal, positioning them as a favored insurer among Australians seeking value and dependability in their car insurance provider.

Woolworths Insurance

Woolworths Insurance emerges as a strong contender in the realm of car insurance with its customer-focused policies and attractive pricing. This provider appeals to drivers who are searching for a straightforward, reliable insurance solution that doesn’t skimp on coverage. They offer a spectrum of policies, from the necessary third-party to all-encompassing comprehensive coverage, tailored to meet the diverse needs of Australian motorists. 

Their commitment to providing value and convenience sets them apart, making Woolworths Insurance a preferred choice for those who value both quality service and affordability in their car insurance selection.


In conclusion, there are many great options when it comes to car insurance in Australia. The top 10 insurers are NRMA, AAMI, RACV, RACQ, RAA, SGIO, SGIC, QBE, Allianz, Suncorp, and Bingle. Each company offers its own unique benefits and coverage options, so be sure to do your research and compare quotes before choosing a policy. Keep in mind that not all companies are available in every state, so be sure to check the availability of your preferred company before getting too attached. 

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