Best Online Courses for Landing High Paying Jobs

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, you’ve wondered how you could advance your career. 

People are constantly looking for methods to make more money at their employment, whether it’s to advance in their current positions or to explore a completely different career path. 

Many of the highest paying jobs require a degree, such as law and medicine. 

However, numerous more high-paying vocations may be done as a freelancer or learned online. These careers may involve programming, computer science, finance, and marketing.

If you are feeling trapped in your current job and want to obtain the skills required to advance to a new field, stay reading for a list of the 5 best online courses for landing high paying jobs. 

These courses teach a variety of skills that may enable you to advance in your job or pursue a completely new one. 

We choose them using an exclusive process for selecting the top free online courses in a variety of subjects. If you’re looking for short courses that can lead to decent careers, keep reading.

What are online courses?

Online courses are educational and training programs delivered via a website. You can see and learn your favorite course on a mobile device, computer, or laptop. 

Students, housewives, and working professionals take advantage of online classes. The course allows you to access the study materials at any time and from any location.

Some popular options for these courses include educational videos, worksheets, and audio files. 

Typically, these courses incorporate discussion forums. Thus, they are incredibly engaging. Students can pursue their selected careers and learn from the most popular online courses in 2024.

Top Ten Free Online Courses for High-Paying Jobs

Learn Python at Skillshare

Python is one of the world’s most well-known and widely used programming languages, accounting for the vast majority of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. 

If you want a high-paying profession in programming, you will require extensive mastery of Python. 

SkillShare is an online learning platform that gives users a free membership and access to hundreds of courses on a wide range of creative and quantitative topics. 

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SkillShare also provides users with the option of purchasing a premium membership, which includes access to premium courses and certificates of achievement.

By the end of the course, students will have learned how to begin writing in Python, as well as the language’s core operations, decision-making, and understanding of variables and identifiers. 

Joe Hughes, the course’s instructor, is a Python and general web development expert who is well-equipped to assist you in gaining a better knowledge of this complex programming language. 

The course also includes a class project at the end of the content that allows you to test your knowledge of Python and enhance your understanding.

Become a Programmer at LinkedIn Learning

Knowledgeable programmers are in higher demand than ever before. This programming specialization will help anyone accomplish their dream of being a programmer, even if they are starting from the beginning. 

LinkedIn Learning is a massive open online course (MOOC) network that evolved from one of the most popular professional social networking sites. 

While LinkedIn Learning requires a paid subscription, new users receive a one-month free trial, and university students presently enrolled in an authorized school frequently receive free memberships. 

By the end of this course selection, students will have studied over 22 hours of content and taken 13 different courses. 

After finishing, they will have gained the necessary knowledge to begin programming in any language they choose. 

Additionally, students will be able to apply their programming expertise to various practical and real-life circumstances. 

Students will also hear from professionals in the sector and learn how to adopt best practices. If you desire a high-paying job as a computer programmer, this specialization may be the ideal place to begin.

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science at Harvard University

Harvard University’s introductory course has received two accolades, including being named one of the Top 100 Courses of All Time by Class Central and being nominated for the edX Prize in 2018. 

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edX is a massive open online course (MOOC) that offers students a range of free courses, many of which are taught by experienced instructors from major universities. 

Over 2.5 million users have registered for this course, which takes approximately 12 weeks to finish if you work 6 to 18 hours per week. 

The course is given by three professors from Harvard University’s computer science department and is identical to the popular course offered on campus.

This free online Harvard course is ideal for students who have no prior experience with programming or computer science and need to start from scratch. 

The course will teach students how to think algorithmically and solve problems effectively and pragmatically. 

By the completion of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of computer science, including abstraction, algorithms, and data structures. 

Throughout the course, students will learn about coding languages such as JavaScript, Python, SQL, and HTML.

Business Foundations Specialization at Coursera

Having a good understanding of business is one of many ways to advance your career or even create a high-paying job by running a successful business. 

Coursera’s business foundations specialty allows you to accomplish just that, giving students four comprehensive courses to help them gain a well-rounded understanding of business. 

Coursera is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform that provides students with a wide range of free course subjects from prestigious educational institutions, including the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Students will take four courses: Introduction to Marketing, Financial Accounting, Managing Social and Human Capital, and Corporate Finance. 

The classes are taught by eight different instructors, all of whom are Wharton School of Business faculty members. 

They are extremely accomplished in their respective professions and are well-equipped to provide you with the resources you need to begin your business career. 

After completing this specialization, around 41% of students began a new career, while 11% received a wage raise or were promoted.

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The Complete Introductory Course in Finance and Accounting at Skillshare

Accounting and finance are two of the highest-paying careers that do not require a completely new degree to acquire the material. 

SkillShare’s free introduction course allows you to get a strong understanding of finance without having to return to school. 

You can join SkillShare for free and have access to the bulk of the site’s features, including all of the free courses. 

Chris Benjamin, the course’s instructor, has over 100,000 successful students and is a top SkillShare instructor.

By the end of the course, students could be able to call themselves entrepreneurs! Those who successfully finish the course will have a comprehensive understanding of all business, finance, and accounting concepts, as well as the confidence to solve real-world situations. 

The course takes you through the process of starting your own business, including all of the challenges and barriers you’ll encounter along the way and how to cope with them. 

Chris Benjamin is recognized for being extremely attentive, and he is easy to contact on the SkillShare website if you have any queries about the course.


Learning something new is always worthwhile! All of the courses listed above are free, so you won’t waste your money on the wrong course or resources. 

Instead, you may try one or more of the courses on this list before deciding whether they are right for you.

Because these classes are free, all you have to lose is the time you spend studying. However, if you leave a course having learned something new, your time has not been wasted.

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